Company Overview

It’s the difference between going to work and being drawn to it.

It’s a lot easier to reach your potential when you are enthusiastic about what you do, so we believe your success begins with doing things you enjoy. We hire the best, most-talented people, and then strive to provide a work-environment where they can flourish.

EBSCO was founded by an entrepreneur who was passionate about honoring our commitments to our customers, rejecting the status quo, and seeking to continuously improve our team. We continue to operate that way today, with a passion for our people and our businesses succeeding together. EBSCO is a successful company because of the people who have worked here in the past and it will continue to thrive because of the innovative thinking, commitment, and drive from the people who work here today, and tomorrow.

Company Summary
EBSCO Industries Inc.
Number of Employees
(205) 980-3978
5724 U.S. 280
Birmingham, AL